Lighting Era Hotel

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Zhongshan Lighting Era Hotel

Zhongshan Lighting Era Hotel is located in dengdu Times Square, which is famous for its seven star magnificent lighting palace. It is close to dengdu Times Square, and 5 minutes' drive from Guangzhu rail transit ancient town station.
It gives you a warm and elegant home. Hanging garden bar, outdoor swimming pool and gym are quiet and elegant, so that you can stay away from the noise and enjoy the leisure and quiet self space. It's the best choice for holding all kinds of meetings, with first-class facilities and complete functions. The hotel is simple, elegant and fashionable. There is always a room with different styles that suits you.
It is the most classic, the most noble courtesy!

Breakfast price: CNY48($6.6) / person


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Zhongshan Lighting Era Hotel
Tel: +86-760-22388888
Add.: 12 Dongxing Middle Road (dengdu Times Square), the junction of Dongxing middle road and Xinxing Avenue